You feel it is now the right time to create a web presence for your brand, include e commerce as a sales channel or revamp your current online offering. You have a fair idea of how you want your online store to look but are unsure about how to build it. At this point, you encounter your next challenge – choosing between a website builder or coding from scratch.

Before we put you on the right track to build your dream website, let’s run through some stats on why having a good website is essential:

48% of people determine a business’ credibility based on its website design. Let’s put that in context – one in every two of your potential customers assess your digital presence before they decide to make a purchase.

You have only 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression (Yep!).

These days building a website is easier than ever especially with the launch of website builders such as Wix, Square Space, Shopify and many others. Each offers a variety of features, innovations and solutions to achieve your goals with moderate developer skills.

They also happen to be highly cost effective with their most basic plans free of cost and even a full-fledged e-commerce solution only costing a few hundred dollars a month.

Let’s have a look at the options available for building and developing a website tailor-made to your needs and preferences.

Using a website builder:

A website builder is a software platform that allows its users without much coding experience to create a website. It’s a convenient option for small to medium businesses who wants to build a website quickly without investing too much money or time.

Website builders use a drag-and-drop interface that is more intuitive to use and offers a lot of flexibility and customization. You can choose from

a selection of themes or templates that speak the language of your brand.

Once you select a template, you will be able to customize many of the features. These include elements like layout and the size of the text and images and typeface. Depending on the website builder, you can also embed videos, forms, subscriptions and more.

One of the questions we always get asked when using templates is ‘Are we going to look like another site?’

With the level of customization available that would be extremely difficult. Especially with the number of templates out there and the ability to modify the website with plug ins, apps and even custom code.

Here are some pros and cons of using website builders:


Cost-effective – It costs much lesser than building a professional website from scratch. You just need to pay for a subscription plan.

Easy to use – You don’t need to know coding to choose a template and personalize it to your brand.

Access to tech support – Most website builders offer support if you encounter unexpected challenges.

Not time-consuming – If you want your website up and running quickly, a website builder is your go-to.


You don’t own the website – The company you created the website on is the owner. Your website will not work outside the company’s website building software.

Not custom designed – Yes, there are design limitations, but most businesses find that the features and capabilities provided by these platforms are more than enough to create a professional website.

Integrations – You need to make sure your choice works with other software being used such as for inventory management, accounting etc.

Tip: Some of the top website builders we recommend are Wix, Squarespace & Shopify based on price, features, storage and bandwidth allowances.

Coding from scratch:

HTML, JavaScript, CSS – The everyday language of web developers who help create websites from scratch. While these tech wizards traditionally used coding languages to create websites, even those with a limited coding skill set can now develop a website if they specialise in using certain website builders such as WordPress.

If you decide to code your website from scratch you can expect your website to be completely customised – a good solution for larger projects. The key thing to remember when going with this option is to chose the right person to not only entrust your ideas but also to bring your vision to life.


You are the owner of your website – The website is an asset that belongs to you.

Tailored to your needs – The overall website design will be unique and comprise features that mirror your taste and your brand’s aesthetics without any limitations.

Good SEO – Some tech-whizzes claim they can help you get a better rank on Google search compared to web builders however with recent updates this gap is now closing.


Cost – Hiring a web developer is expensive and it might be difficult to avoid extra charges.

Time – Finding the right web developer and implementing the website can take a lot of time.

Final verdict

Factors to consider – the scope of your project, the time you have to allocate, the stage of your business development, and, above all, your budget.

At Kandy we help businesses of all sizes with their web presence and work with popular website builders including WordPress to build/ upgrade websites. Get in touch to get a custom quote.