Integrated marketing is an approach that unifies the consumer experience when engaging with a brand. It involves crafting a solid marketing strategy that delivers consistent, customer-centric content experience across all channels. By being consistent, you become more memorable.

After having produced hundreds of campaigns in different industries, we are definitely advocates for this unified approach to marketing and firing on all cylinders so to speak will get you results and here’s the proof:

Research by Gartner found that Integrated campaigns across more than four channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by a staggering 300%, and integrated campaigns are 31% more effective in building brands.

So, what channels are we discussing here? Everything – Your brand’s website, landing pages, social media, blogs, videos, email newsletters etc. should have a consistent and compelling messaging distributed across all these platforms.

Why is Integrated Marketing Important?

This approach has been proven to increases the effectiveness of your promotional efforts and enhances brand performance:


By taking a multi-channel approach you are meeting the needs of diverse customers by telling them your story using a medium they are most comfortable with. In the process, not only is your message amplified but it also ends up being more effective.


According to a Microsoft study, a person’s average attention span is only eight seconds. It is thus critical for brands to get their messages across more frequently. The number of times a customer sees or interacts with your messages is crucial for marketing success.


People connect with brands not just with a logo or branding but with the feeling your message invokes. One way to build brand recognition and awareness is through consistent messaging – aligning your business and marketing goals into a clear message that connects with your customers across all channels.


The term Integrated Digital Marketing may sound intimidating and/or expensive. Rest assured, it’s not. You are basically repurposing the images and messages for various outlets. That’s less money and time spent developing creative assets from ground up.

The future is here

Integrated Digital Marketing is the future, and it’s already here. Marketing trends are never the same, and companies that have a strong digital presence are usually ahead of the game.

To pull off a successful integrated marketing campaign you need to gauge your target audience and know how to reach them. This includes researching keywords, opting for the correct format for different channels and working with experts who understand your customer pulse – all while maintaining consistency.

We at Kandy specialize in setting up multi channel digital marketing campaigns. Our team is experienced in many verticals and we understand all the different parts that drive successful marketing campaigns. We’ll ensure you are never behind the game whatever your budget and business goals are.